What do you give the person who has everything?

How about giving them a voucher to join a guided walking tour? It's one of the best things to do in Torbay.

It’s a thoughtful gift for family, friends or as a ‘thank you’ to someone special. Maybe buy a voucher for Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day – it’s something just a bit different!

Buying a voucher:

Decide how much you would like to spend. The cost per person is £20 for each walk.

You can either specify a walk, or make it open ended and allow the recipient to make the choice.

The voucher can be personalised to the recipient.

Buying a voucher:

Email your order to guide@englishrivierawalkingtours.co.uk or call Graham on 07414 777 606

You’ll receive a visual of the voucher and once you’re happy with the design, the voucher will be emailed to you. Payment is made via BACS.

The recipient can either contact Graham by email: guide@englishrivierawalkingtours.co.uk or call 07414 777606 to confirm their preferred day and time.

The voucher is valid for 12 months.

Come and join us - it's one of the most memorable things to do on the English Riviera. After the tour, why not arrange a well-deserved cream tea as a special reward (remember in Devon – it's cream first!)